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Born in Mexico City. Leonardo is a natural salsero.
He danced for various groups, including Mexican Folkloric group.


After moving to Chicago, trained in Puerto Rican Salsa. He began competing in 1999 winning 1st place. Partnered with Leslie Ruley they were honoured with best Salsa Couple of the year by Biology Bar. At this time, he participated in 2 television programs "Caliente"and "Adictos al Baile".


Leo moved to Winnipeg, he founded Salsa Explosion, quickly becoming one of Winnipeg's largest Salsa promoters. Working diligently to bring professional championship dancers to Winnipeg to build a stronger Salsa community. Leo has been teaching salsa for the past 15 years, and continues to encourage and inspire his students to reach their highest goals.

Ana Karen most recently won the Pro-Am Canadian Championships in Toronto as well, as placing 1st at the Pro-Am World Salsa Championships in Miami, Florida.

She then competed for the very first time in the Professional category in Toronto for the WLDC qualifiers placing 1st.

She also participated and placed 2nd at the Canadian Championships in Toronto and World Latin Dance Cup in Miami, Florida. 

For many years, Ana Karen has excelled in dance in Manitoba, nationally and internationally. She is a three-time Manitoba Dance Festival Ballet Scholarship scholarship recipient, and was the featured ballet soloist at a M.D.F. Gala Showcase.


Made it to the "top twelve" out of 100+dancers, placing 6st at the prestigeous international ballet competition, the Youth American Grand Prix (Y.A.G.P.), in Chicago, USA for both her Contemporary solo and Pointe solo. Ana also won the highest overall score for all senior solos at the Canadian National Dance Championships, for another pointe solo, which was to be the very first time the highest overall score was awarded to a ballet number in Winnipeg. 






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